Notes from the front

It has been a while. I have been traveling for work. I have been trying new skills (sometimes successfully, sometimes not as much). I have had blips. I have had joys.

But in the meantime…





… a breath, an awareness, at a time.

And right now? I have faith in the slow progress… waves may go up and down, but I seem to still be moving forward.


When is something romantic, and when is it coercive?

I ask this as both a recipient, and as a giver, of these acts.

It’s being hard for me to tell right now which is which. I do not think coercion, in this case, is always conscious.

My Forms

I thought folks might want to see my daily and weekly forms. My “week” runs from Tuesday to Monday, since Tuesday is when I see Ines, my therapist. This lets me bring in one bundle, and debrief with her using the events/notes section at the bottom, quickly look over sleep regularity, etc.



I have to remind myself that if I don’t check off all of the bubbles, it is okay. It’s about trying, a bit every day. Some days I am more solid than others. Just write it down, keep trying.